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[s-b] Optional voting (sic)

Firstly [[and Peter this is not a criticism, just a clarification on
my part]]  I have a couple of problems with the proposals as listed on
the web site.

1) I did not submit two proposals of the name "ruletag typos".  The
rules say "Any player may submit a proposal at any time, or may revise
a Pending proposal e owns by resubmitting it" - so I don't have to
declare that a proposal is amending a previous proposal or anything
like that.

2) The proposal listed as #74 on the web site actually contains two proposals.

Since the *forum* is the official place to post, I don't think that
there is too much problem here.  I'm voting by proposal *name* here,
but I've included the proposal numbers in comments as a guide.

Since there's nothing in the rules to say that I have to vote by
proposal number, I think this voting action is a valid one.  Peter, if
you could let me know ASAP if you think otherwise....


[[61]] Game Actions Update   AGAINST
[[Sorry - not convinced that this has a game effect.  And voting for
it gives you points...]]

[[62 & 66]] Ruletag Typos  FOR
In case this needs clarification, I vote FOR on any proposal this
nweek with a title containing the word "typos".

[[63]] Tidyness  AGAINST
[[No strong feelings about this either way, actually.]]

[[64]] Time Defs  AGAINST
[[I don't feel that this is necessary.]]

[[65]] Currency  FOR

[[67]] Devices  FOR

[[68]] More Elections  FOR

[[69]] Becoming the Oracle  FOR
[[Peter is doing everything at the moment.]]

[[70]] Crazy Eddie's House of Fun  FOR

[[71]] Emps  AGAINST
[[I would marginally rather the points rules were changed to allow the
transfer of points.]]

[[72]] Shampoo  FOR
[[I LOVE this.]]

[[73]] Quick RTO fix   FOR

[[74 top half]] Zombies pt I  FOR
[[Plays havoc with the definitions, but should be fun to play.]]

[[74 bottom half]] Points cleanup  FOR
[[Not sure what use this is, but given the proposals confusion I'm
going to play safe and vote FOR on both "halves" of "this proposal"]]

[[75]] Thrids for ruletag  AGAINST
[[Don't have time to play this way.  Sorry.]]

[[76]] Ocularities Fix  AGAINST
[[Adds nothing to the game, but if it passes it gives another player
points.  Sorry.]]

[[77]] Better Elections  AGAINST
[[I like Borda.]]

[[78]] Rule Tag on the High Seas  FOR
[[Oh yes.]]

[[79]] Belle of the Ball  AGAINST
[[Considered this when I proposed rule tag and I don't think it should
be *too* maze like.]]

[[80]] How's This Grab You  FOR
[[Well spotted]]

[81]] Zeroth Take 2  AGAINST
[[I don't think Comex has a point - or I don't understand the point...]]
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