Antonio Dolcetta on Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:32:26 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] proposing: more elections

add to the list of requirements for rules defining posts in rule 3-3 the 
following item:
6) the "expiry time" of the post: each time a player is elected into a 
post or obtains a post through some other means (e.g. by proposal) the 
post becomes vacant automatically once a time equal to the expiry time 
has passed. If no expiry time is defined, a default value of 2 nweeks is 

remove the last paragraph of the VACANCIES section of rule 3-3

replace the text of rule 3-4 with the following:
=== Elections ===
==== Candidates ====
If a post is held by the Administrator /*i.e. no other Player is holding 
the Post*/, or if the duration for a Post is going to expire in 12 ndays 
or less, any Player may submit as a Game action his Candidature to a Post.
Candidatures may only be submitted from Breakday to Rushnight each nweek.
A Candidature is a Game Document that lists the Player that submitted it 
and a Post for which he wishes to candidate himself.

==== Elections ====
When Voting starts, the Administrator will gather all Candidatures that 
were submitted in the current nweek for a given Post (if any) and 
produce an Election.
An Election is a Game Document that lists a Post and all Players that 
submitted a Candidature for that Post in the current nweek.
Each Election is identified by the ndate it was created on and the Post 
it refers to.
Elections can be either open or resolved. All Elections are initially 

==== Voting ====
Any Player may as a game action submit a Vote on an open Election, the 
Vote must be a single Player selected between the Players listed in the 
Election. The most recent Vote on an Election by a Player is called that 
Player's Final Vote on that Election.

==== Counting votes and Winning ====
At the end of Voting all open Elections become resolved.
When an Election becomes resolved, if there is a Candidate that has 
received the largest number of Final Votes, that Candidate wins the 
Election, if there are more than one such Candidates one selected at 
random among them by the Administrator wins the Election.
When a Player wins an Election he becomes the Post Holder for the Post 
listed in the Election.

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