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[s-b] Proposal: Currency

Proposal "Currency":

Create a new rule "Currency":
A "currency owning object", or COO, is a type of game object that can
own currency (also called "money").  All players are currency owning

Each rule defining a new currency will also define an attribute the
scope of which is all COOs.  The value of this attribute shows how
much of that currency the COO has.

A COO can give currency to another COO by a game action, as follows:
ey specifies an amount (which cannot be greater than the value of eir
currency attribute) and a currency; eir currency attribute for that
currency goes down by the amount; the recieving COO's currency
attribute for that currency goes up by the amount.

If the COO has a non-positive currency attribute for a given currency,
then he cannot give that currency to another COO.  If for any reason
the receiving COOs currency attribute cannot go up, or the giving COOs
currency attribute cannot go down, then nothing happens.

Players can, via game action, exchange points for currency.  The rule
defining the currency will set the exchange rate.  The player declares
how many points ey wishes to exchange (which cannot be less than 0 or
more points than ey has) and the currency ey wishes to recieve.  Ey
loses that many points and gains (exchange rate x points) in the
currency.  If for any reason the amount of eir points cannot go down
or the amount of eir elephants cannot go up, then nothing happens.

Create a new rule "Elephants":
The default currency of this game is elephants.  This can be shortened
to a lowercase e. [[See below.]]

There is an attribute "elephants": scope is all currency owning
objects; range is decimal numbers; default value is 50.  The value of
this attribute should always be expressed starting with a lowercase e,
for example, e50 or e10.15.

The points -> elephants exchange rate is 5.0 - that is, 1 point may be
exchanged for e5.
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