David E. Smith on Sun, 7 Jan 2007 20:51:45 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [s-b] 114.9 Administrator's Update - Voting Starting

I vote thusly:

> 45      Transactional Proposals  Peter
AGAINST. [[ I'd prefer a version that says parts that can happen, 
happen; this looks to be all-or-nothing. ]]

> 46      Thrids                   Peter
ABSTAIN. [[ I don't think I'd have the time to respond to a new ballot 
every four days, but I see no reason to kill it because I'm busy. It's a 
good idea, I just don't support it. If that makes any sense. ]]

> 47      Virtual particles        bd
ABSTAIN. [[ The notion of Fluxing, which basically lets players create 
Points at will, seems like it's exploitable but I'm not clever enough to 
figure out how. ]]

> 48      Generalized Victory      Wonko

> 49      More Ways to Win         Wonko
ABSTAIN. [[ Looks like it implicitly depends on p48. ]]

> 50      Anyone care for Dessert? Wonko
ABSTAIN. [[ Ditto. ]]

> 51      wtf                      The Dave
AGAINST. [[ It seemed like a good idea at the time, but apparently I was 
just on some Really Good Drugs. ]]

> 52      RFJ system, take 2       Antonio
FOR. [[ Anything that involves recreating the Internet Oracle gets my 
vote. ]]

> 53      The Zeroth Addendum      Triller

> 54      Tags                     comex
AGAINST. [[ This is B Nomic, we don't need to be WEB TWO POINT OHGOD. ]]

> 55      Rule Tag                 Optional
ABSTAIN. [[ meh. ]]

> 56      the formatting prop      comex

> 57      supreme antoniocracy     Antonio

> 58      Proposal Fix             Wonko
FOR. [[ Nice cleanup, and as a side effect will overwrite p51 if it 
somehow passes. ]]

> 59      New Numbers              Wonko
FOR. [[ This amuses me. ]]

> 60      days have a name too     Antonio
FOR. [[ I'll try not to be too hurt that Joel got a day named after em 
and I didn't... ]]


"no, the internet just gave more weird, socially inept people
the means with which to communicate" -- djb
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