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Re: [s-b] $wgLogo

I declare RFJ #6 invalid.

RFJ's may (only) be submitted when there is a "disagreement as to the
interpretation of the rules"  [2-5].   Proposals are not rules, and in
fact never become rules.
So RFJ #6 does not itself exist, ironically.  Or at least is not an RFJ.

However, while I'm aware that Peter is happy to act on such a
declaration, it's not actually legal within the rules.

I'd like to raise my own request for judgement to get this sorted:
{{Statement: Should a player be called upon to judge an RFJ that is
not valid according to the rules, then e may declare it invalid.  E
does not need to render judgement, since it is not an RFJ as defined
in the rules.}}

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