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[s-b] Proposal: The rot sets in

Proposal "The rot sets in":

[[Remember me saying I had an idea so crazy that NO-ONE would vote for it?]]

Create a new rule titled "votes":
This rule defines the attribute "votes".  It is a non-negative
integer.  The default value is 1.

Votes may also be referred to as "number of votes".

Replace in rule 2-2 the paragraph which at the start of n-week 2 read:
{{As a Game Action, a Player may submit a Vote on an Open Proposal of
one of the words FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN. The most recent Vote on a
Proposal by a Player is called that player's Final Vote on that
As a game action, a player may submit a "voting message" to the forum
which contains votes for the open proposals.  Against each proposal
must be the word ABSTAIN; or one of the words FOR or AGAINST and a
number indicating the number of votes that e wishes to cast. Any
proposal not mentioned will be taken as an ABSTAIN.

The total of all the votes submitted (that is, the total of the
numbers in the voting message) may not exceed the player's "votes"
attribute.  If it does, the player will be informed, and the voting
message will be ignored.
[[If there are five proposals and you have four votes, you are going
to have to abstain on at least one proposal.]]

The most recent voting message submitted will be considered the
player's final vote.

Create a new rule titled "Vote Bank":
There is a voting object called the "vote bank".  It is eligable to
vote wherever voting is called for by the rules.  It has a votes
attribute, just as if it were a player.

The vote bank will start with a number of votes equal to two times the
number of players.  It will vote as follows:

(1) If the vote is for a proposal that would result in a repeal or
amendment to this rule, or refers to this rule by number or name, then
all of the vote bank's votes will be AGAINST the proposal.

(2) Otherwise, if the vote is for a proposal that either creates a
mechanism for transferring votes between objects, or creates a new
voting object; and if the proposal does not actually transfer any
votes, then all of the vote bank's votes will be FOR the proposal.

(3) Otherwise, all its votes will be ABSTAIN.

For the purposes of this rule a proposal includes any proposals nested
withing it, or created by it without a further vote.  The Admin will
have the final say on whether a proposal satisfies (1) or (2); e may
delegate this decision through the RFJ process.

Should a proposal satisfy (2) above, and be passed, the vote bank will
give one vote to the player that proposed it. Players are paid in
proposal number order.

Should the vote bank reach 0 votes, this rule will repeal itself.

Create a new rule titled "Payoff":
Each player that voted in favour of the proposal that contains this
rule shall receive one vote from the vote bank.

This rule will repeal itself once the transfer of votes detailed in
the above paragraph has taken place.

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