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Re: [s-b] 113.3 Administrator's Update

Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> Especially seeing as nobody objects, I get a Win, and submit
> prop. "You need to *work* to win" (p22).
> Optional submits prop. "Legal Mode" (p23)
> Optional submits prop. "Monopoly Mode" (p24)
> Optional wins.
> Optional submits prop. "Win or Win or Win" (p25)
> Player " " forfeits and rejoins with name "the Administrator". (Note
> that e doesn't have the "Player" property anymore.)
> Player "the Administrator" submits three RFJs. I assign these as follows:
>  RFJ 1: Personman
>  RFJ 2: Aquarion
>  RFJ 3: bd

I accept RFJ 3, if in fact it does exist, and rule false. My reasoning 
is as follows: The RFJ attempts to present a change in the gamestate, 
rather than an interpretation of the existing gamestate. Therefore, it 
is meaningless. Moreover, even if it was presenting an interpretation of 
the extant gamestate, it fails to present any form of argument as to why 
the game should be so.
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