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Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:

1	The Eras of B Nomic
FOR, even though it doesn't seem to, like, do anything.

2	Define Winning
FOR. What's the point of a game if you can't win?

3	it's the game of B!
AGAINST. Nostalgia.

4	R.O.B.O.T.S. : Robots on Bnomic offer Total Suffering
AGAINST. It's too early in the game to get this silly.

5	Properties
FOR. Hopefully we can do something even cooler with it later on.

6	Quote Fun
AGAINST. p15 does it better.

7	Conflict resoluton
AGAINST. Tries to do too many things at once, and most of them are done poorly.

8	Hard rules
AGAINST. This rule is hard... to understand.

9	Attributes
AGAINST. Conflicts with p12, and I (humbly) think I did it better ;)

10	boring proposal precedence
FOR. It's wordy and I'm down with wordy.

11	Remove Revision Numbers
FOR. I don't want things to be TOO wordy...

12	A winner is you!
FOR. I think I just figured out how to make the last sentence work, and in the meantime the slightly-ambiguous wording shouldn't break anything, because there's not yet anything in the game that creates or transfers Points.

13	Name-change props
AGAINST. The last sentence is impossibly ambiguous. The last thing we need is a State of Emergency in the first nweek.

14	Change bd's name
FOR. Quit trying to break the game, asshat.

15	Finite search space
FOR. This is the least sucky of the "name" props.

16	Emergency Management Procedure
FOR. It's not perfect but it's a start.

17	Judgment, the actual proposal
AGAINST. I'm working on a better version, and I'm hoping like Hell we don't need it in the next nweek.

18	you must be able to retract your proposal
AGAINST. One of the other props makes "turn a prop Historical" trigger a vote count, and I'm hedging my bets.

19	Infinite search space
AGAINST. p15 does it better.

20	Retroactive thing.
AGAINST. I fear things I don't understand.


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