shadowfirebird on Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:15:08 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] My votes

01 "The Eras of B Nomic": FOR.
[[Confusing otherwise.]]

02 "Define Winning": AGAINST.
[[I don't want to limit the winning conditions.]]

03 "It's the Game of B": ABSTAIN.
[[No game effect.]]

04 "R.O.B.O.T.S": AGAINST.
[[I hate playing "I went to the shops and bought..."]]

05 "A Peculiar Quality" aka "properties": FOR.
[[We need variables, all sorts.]]

06 "Quote Fun": AGAINST.
[[I guess I'm just paranoid.]]

07 "Conflict Resolution": FOR.

08 "Hard Rules": FOR.

09 "Attributes": FOR.

10 "Boring Proposal Precedence": FOR.

11 "Remove Revision Numbers": AGAINST.
[[They're mildly useful.]]

12 "A winner is you": FOR.
[[We surely need winning conditions.]]

13 "Name change props": AGAINST.
[[0.25 is too low.]]

14 "Changing BD's name": FOR.
[[It's silly.  And a bit suspect.]]

15 "Finite search space": FOR.
[[See comment on proposal 14.]]

16 "Emergency management procedure": FOR.
[[Much better than nothing.]]

17 "Judgment, the actual proposal": FOR.
[[Much better than nothing.]]

18 "you must be able to retract your proposal": ABSTAIN.
[[Possibly broken - doesn't nullify votes cast.]]

19 "Infinite search space": AGAINST.

20 "Retroactive thing": AGAINST.
[[I love it but I don't trust it.]]

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