Jake Eakle on Mon, 27 Nov 2006 17:47:17 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Personman Votes

For each {number}/{name}/{vote}/[[comment]] set below, I vote {vote} on

1       The Eras of B Nomic     FOR
2       Define Winning      FOR
3       it's the game of B!     AGAINST  [[I just think 'nweeks' sounds
4       R.O.B.O.T.S. : Robots on Bnomic offer Total Suffering      AGAINST
5       Properties     FOR [[but there could be some issues... For instance,
I'm not sure if Properties are Game Objects. Rule 1-2 seems to say they are.
So can properties have properties?]]
6       Quote Fun    AGAINST
7       Conflict resoluton    AGAINST [[Newer rules should beat older ones]]
8       Hard rules    AGAINST
9       Attributes    FOR [[I like it better than Properties, but Properties
is still nice to have, even though it could be covered with this. But it's
nice to be able to have only some people have a property, rather than only
some people having a value for an attribute everyone has.]]
10      boring proposal precedence       FOR
11      Remove Revision Numbers      ABSTAIN
12      A winner is you!      AGAINST [[I think it's wording has some
issues. Also, I don't think we should be winning just yet. Even if there is
no way to get points. :) ]]
13      Name-change props       AGAINST [[I don't think we should go around
changing people's names]]
14      Change bd's name      FOR [[Except sometimes]]
15      Finite search space     FOR
16      Emergency Management Procedure      AGAINST
17      Judgment, the actual proposal       AGAINST [[For now we should do
this by proposal.]]
18      you must be able to retract your proposal FOR
19      Infinite search space AGAINST
20      Retroactive thing.  FOR [[I think this is actually a really good
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