Mark Walsh on Fri, 7 Apr 2006 17:46:01 -0400 (EDT)

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[s-b] Super - End of 1st Checking Period, nWeek 108

Stats Update: 07-Apr-06
End of 1st Checking Period, nWeek 108
The following Players were in Dark
Rooms at the end of the Period, and
so eir Calm is reduced by one:

Antonio: Front Hall: 6 to 5
Charles: Training Room: 7 to 6
Dyslexic Q-Thief: Gallery: 1 to 0
FishFace: Trophy Room: 1 to 0
Personman: Front Hall: 11 to 10
Peter: Basement: 2 to 1
pronoblem: Front Hall: 6 to 5
rachel: Front Hall: 6 to 5
Raelus: Front Hall: 6 to 5
SkArcher: Gallery: 1 to 0
smartcowboy: Front Hall: 8 to 7
Triller: Training Room: 18 to 17
Wonko: Seance Room: 1 to 0

All Other's Calm Unchanged.
The Voice, comex.
The following Players Calm dropped to 0. They Panic.
Dyslexic Q-Thief: Gallery
FishFace: Trophy Room
SkArcher: Gallery
Wonko: Seance Room
Any Carryable Household Object in eir possession
is dropped in the room ey're in (except Souls).
Ey are moved to West of House.


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