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[s-b] [auto] FishFace amends p272

FishFace has amended p272.

Motion 272/1: Need Exciting Way To Help Induce Nice Gameplay Soon
A Proposal by FishFace
Last modified on nweek 99, nday 3

Create a new room, named the Propinator Room, with the following description:

You step inside the room and are filled with vital force. You begin unwittingly to jitter, jump and spout words at random. The feeling is delightful, although quite disconcerting. You feel the need to channel your energy into something constructive, and on the wall hangs a single large painting, intricate in detail. You can't make out who it is of, however, as every line in their body is repeated at different angles, as if the subject were moving. The only clearly distinguishable items in the portrait are a piece of paper and a pen.

with the following ordinances:

At the start every nweek, any Player in the room automatically submits a proposal with the following text:
  "Remove 4A from <Player>"
where <Player> is replaced with the name of the Player in question.
[[This proposal is amendable in the normal manner]]
At the end of the nweek, gains 2A for every proposal that passed that belonged to em, in addition to the any other bonuses they may receive, as long as e remains in the Propinator Room.

and an exit to the Trophy Room.

[[First proposal, yay. Hope it's all good and law-abiding.]]

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