Mark Walsh on Sun, 30 Oct 2005 14:22:43 -0600 (CST)

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[s-b] House Stats Changes.

House Stats Changes.

By virtue of p261, all players w/ less than 15 in
Health, Alertness and Calm had these attributes
incremented by 5.
By 10-2 the max value of those attributes is 30.
By 10-4 (2nd paragraph), the cutoff for reduction
of the other three attributes is 1/5th of maximum (6).
Wonko's stats are now NOT below that value.
SkArcher's stats are now NOT below that value.
By 10-4, eir attributes of Strength, Nimbleness and Acuity
are at their nominal value (6).
By 10-7, Action points are set equal to Nimbleness.
[[ This assumes Props resolve first. ]]
[[ I'll entertain arguements. ]]
Eugene's Health was set at 28.
[[ So as not for it to be at its (not it's) max value. ]]

FishFace spent 1 AP moving to Trophy Room.

House stats s/b current (not regaring lit/dark by p264).

For readability, and to free up space for the lit/dark p264,
I've foreshortened the header titles.


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