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[s-b] [auto] EugeneMeidinger votes

EugeneMeidinger's votes:
Motion 214/0: Repeatedly Add More Points               : Against
Motion 256/0: A Lost Soul Obviously Requires A Numeration : For
Motion 257/0: A Training Room Addition Is Needed.      : Abstain
Motion 259/0: Where do I go when you die?              : For
Motion 260/0: Transmorgifier Room Is Being Axed, Literally! : For
Motion 261/1: House Evolution Leaves Players Floundering Under Limitation : For
Motion 262/0: Creating Holding Accounts Sequesters Talismanic Endowments : For
Motion 264/3: Let there be illumination                : Abstain
Motion 266/0: Score Reset                              : For
Motion 267/0: Gibberish Rule Is Moving                 : For

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