Peter Cooper Jr. on Mon, 24 Oct 2005 19:07:07 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-b] Ballot for week 98

automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> The Clock is On.
> It is nweek 98, nday 9.

And look at that! Time starts moving again!

Triller's Executive Tidiness Referendum 265 is now Open, and will pass
at the end of nday 10 unless it gets 2 objections.

And voting is now open for these proposals:
Motion 214/0: Repeatedly Add More Points (Peter)
Motion 252/0: Executive Tidiness: Triller's changes (Peter)
Motion 255/0: I Ref myself to Death (Triller)
Motion 256/0: A Lost Soul Obviously Requires A Numeration (Triller)
Motion 257/0: A Training Room Addition Is Needed. (Triller)
Motion 258/0: A new subgame (DQT)
Motion 259/0: Where do I go when you die? (Wonko)
Motion 260/0: Transmorgifier Room Is Being Axed, Literally! (Triller)
Motion 261/1: House Evolution Leaves Players Floundering Under Limitation (Triller)
Motion 262/0: Creating Holding Accounts Sequesters Talismanic Endowments (Triller)
Motion 263/0: Super-size me! (Triller)
Motion 264/3: Let there be illumination (Antonio)
Motion 266/0: Score Reset (Peter)
Motion 267/0: Gibberish Rule Is Moving (Peter)

View Proposals: <>
Vote on Props: <>

Voting ends at the end of the nweek.

Peter C.
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