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[s-b] [auto] Peter submits p267

Peter has submitted a new Motion, p267.

Motion 267/0: Gibberish Rule Is Moving
A Proposal by Peter
Last modified on nweek 98, nday 8

[[Acronym: GRIM]]
[[The Gibberish Word has nothing to do with Genechips.]]

Remove the following text from rule 9-4, and use it as the text of a new rule in section 9 with the title "The Gibberish Word":
There exists a string of letters called the Gibberish word. 

If a proposal passes that defines a new Game Object or type of Game Object whose name is the Gibberish word, then that proposal must also set a new Gibberish word or it has no effect. 

If a player has the power to rename a Game Object directly, e may not change the Object's name to the Gibberish Word. (i.e., you can't change your own name to the Gibberish Word or name a building after the Gibberish Word).

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