Peter Cooper Jr. on Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:56:25 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-b] I'm back! Game resuming!

Okay, I think I can now contribute on a regular basis again. I'd like
to thank Triller and Wonko very much for keeping things somewhat
running while I was gone. I'm going to assume that all public displays
are currently accurate... If they're not, please let me know.

Referendum 252 (Many typo changes) passed ages ago, I think. And I
think that they're all done now. I'm marking it Historical.

Triller's Referenda 255 and 263 (to become Death and Super) must have
passed ages ago as well. They're also Historical.

I didn't see any seconds for Tweak 258 by DQT (A new subgame), so I'll
assume that it failed. Let me know if it didn't.

Triller's Referenda 165 for House Ordinances will become Open at the
end of the nday, and resolve at the end of nday 10.

And so, since I think things are somewhat back to normal, I turn my
Clock Key On. Since only one Minister has eir clock key Off now, the
Clock turns on.

It is currently nweek 98, nday 8. Players have roughly one hour to
submit proposals for this nweek.

Peter C.
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