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[s-b] [auto] Triller submits p265

Triller has submitted a new Motion, p265.

Motion 265/0: West of House is FUBAR!
A Referendum by Triller
Last modified on nweek 98, nday 8

[[ This is an Executive Tidiness Referendum. ]]

[[ While coding Excel macros to draw the House Map,
I came across myriad grammatical and punctuational
incongruities in the Room Ordinances for 'West of House'.
This to correct them (as Super, they fall within my purview). ]]

In the Room Ordinances for West of House,
make the following changes:

[[ strike the double double ]]
Change both occurances of:
may only may only
may only

[[ move the comma ]]
A Player ,as
A Player, as

[[ finish the sentence ]]
Insert a period after the word 'successful'.


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