flutesultan on Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:56:36 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-b] Wands Gone.

Wonko sends:
> Deleting is usually more implementation specific. The B Nomic wiki uses
> MoinMoin. In MoinMoin, there will be a link somewhere on the page to let
> you delete it, although exactly where depends on what theme you're using.
> In the RightSideBar theme (the default), there's a section of the sidebar
> labeled "Actions", one of which is DeletePage.
> Regardless of the theme, it'll take you to the URL <page
> url>?action=DeletePage ; adding that to the end of the URL for any wiki
> page will delete the page (or rather, ask you whether you're sure you want
> to delete it).
> -- 
> Wonko

And there it is! I had my preferences set to 'ViewOnly'
for readability, and only the four site options are there.
I changed it to RightSideBar and away we go.

The four Wands have been deleted.

Tanx, Wonko.

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