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[s-b] [auto] Triller submits p262

Triller has submitted a new Motion, p262.

Motion 262/0: Creating Holding Accounts Sequesters Talismanic Endowments
A Proposal by Triller
Last modified on nweek 98, nday 8

[[ CHASTE ]]		
[[ At present, no rule calls for the 'Contributions' to the		
forging of a Talisman to be set aside for that forging.		
It is conceivable that said contributions could be 		
exploited for other uses during the forging period of		
a Talisman. These changes will explicitly set the 		
contribution(s) aside until forging either completes		
or fails. ]]		

In Rule 4-4, under Minister of Banking, add the sentence:		
The Banker is responsible for tracking and maintaining a		
public display of any assets in holding for the forging of		

In Rule 7-2, before the paragraph that begins with "If, at", insert:		
Any Contribution to the forging of a Talisman, by any player,		
will be removed from that players holdings and set aside in		
a holding account maintained by the Banker.		

In Rule 7-2, after the paragraph that begins with "If, at", insert:		
If, for any reason, the forging of a Talisman fails, all contributions		
in holding will be returned to the contributor.		


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