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[s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p2047

Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p2047.

Proposal 2047/0: Advanced Inventories
A Standard Proposal by Wonko
Last modified on nweek 83, nday 10

Amend r1921 to read:

Certain objects may be designated Inventory Objects, which may also be referred to as Tools. Each Tool has a body of text associated with it called its Effects; this describes what happens when a player uses the Tool, and may also include general effects of having the Tool and other such things. The Effects field of a Tool may only be changed as explictly permitted by the rules. It is acceptable to have a subsection of an existing rule be the Effects field of a given Tool.

The Effects of a Tool may include static effects, triggered effects, and/or activated effects.
static effect: "as long as you hold this, X applies to you"
triggered effect: "When X happens, Y happens"
activated effect: "You may do X to have Y happen"

= General Effect Syntax =

The following conventions apply to the Effects of Tools, except when the rules or the Effects field of a Tool specifically state otherwise:
 * The use of the 2nd person (i.e., 'You', 'Yourself', 'Your', etc.) is assumed to refer to the entity who holds the Tool in question, except when describing activated effects, in which case it refers to the player who activated the effect (which will usually be the holder of the Tool, but maybe not always)
 * A string of the form "[price],[actions]:[effects]" is interpreted to mean that players may perform the actions in [actions] and pay objects they hold equal to [price] to cause [effects] to happen (obvious variants on this are also acceptable, for example putting the actions before the price). Unless otherwise specified, only the entity holding a Tool may do this. "Pay" in this context means "destroy" unless there is an obvious other meaning for the objects in question (BNS, for example, would have been put back in the Bank instead of being destroyed; cards would go to the Deck rather than be obliterated, etc.).

"5~: gain 1 point" means "The holder of this object may pay 5~ at any time to gain 1 point.
"1 Tomato Drink, pay 50~ to any player: The player who you paid 50~ to loses 100 points." means "The holder of this object may pay 1 Tomato Drink and give 50~ to another player to have that player lose 100 points."



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