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[s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p2046

Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p2046.

Proposal 2046/0: Fighting for the Mountain
A Standard Proposal by Wonko
Last modified on nweek 83, nday 10

There are a couple problems with this Royal Arena business. First of all, it really is just a "first to the buzzer" game, and I don't like giving out huge, game-altering powers for such games. Secondly, it requires a lot of administrative work - with each player getting 15 turns, there could be hundreds of die rolls needed. Thirdly, it requires live updating: you can't tell if you hit somebody or not until I roll the dice, and so in order for everyone to use their best strategy I have to be sitting here by my computer *all day*, which I simply can't do. Finally, since it gives everyone 15 turns, AvSpeed isn't really important, which just bothers me.

So I'm proposing an alternate method of naming Kings, where a single Cube is designated "The Hill" and whoever's still on the Hill at the end of the nweek gets the Kingly Powers. I've also abstracted out the Kingly Powers so that other subgames could also grant this sort of thing.

Create a new rule:
__It's Good to be the King__

A. Royal Decrees

The rules may permit players to issue Royal Decrees. Issuing a Royal Decree consists of doing a single one of the following:

 * Permanently incrementing or decrementing any number of Tildex, Points, or Research Points found in the body of any Rule by up to x + 2, where x is that number modulus 10.

 * Creating an instance of any card and either playing it or putting it into eir hand. This does not count towards any limit on the number of cards a player may play.

 * Removing any one Piece from the Board. This takes precedence over any P-Spec that says a Piece cannot be destroyed.

 * Making a single Card, P-Spec, or Cube Illegal.

 * Making a single Card, P-Spec or Cube cease to be Illegal.

B. Illegality

Certain objects may be made Illegal as specified by the rules.

Illegal Cards are treated as though their Bodies were empty strings (they can be played, but will have no effect).

Pieces defined by Illegal P-Specs may not be created or moved, and have no other effects.

Illegal Cubes are treated as though they did not exist for the purposes of moving and firing on the Arena. When a Cube is made Illegal, all Traps and Avatars in it are destroyed, and it ceases to be Full of anything.

C. Royal Scepters

Royal Scepters are Tools.

The Effects of a Royal Scepter are:
Destroy this Scepter: You may issue a single Royal Decree. You must do this at the same time as you use the Scepter.


Replace the text of r1920 with:
__King of the Hill__

At the beginning of each nweek that is not a Great Leap Forward, a single Cube of the Arena is selected at random. This Cube is called the Hill. It ceases to be the Hill at the end of the nweek.

At the end of each nweek, if there is only one Avatar on the Hill, that Avatar's owner receives a Royal Scepter.


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