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[s-b] [auto] RainbowWolfe submits p2040

RainbowWolfe has submitted a new proposal, p2040.

Proposal 2040/0: Targets
A Standard Proposal by RainbowWolfe
Last modified on nweek 83, nday 1



If there is no Target in the Arena, then place a target in [[yet again!!]] a random Cube.
If there ever exists more than one Target, all Targets cease to exist except the last created Target.

A Target is a holographic representation of a 'duck'.
A Player may request that the holographic representation be changed; requests will not be stored; first come, first served; only one change per NWeek. [[Allowing three checkpoints of fun with a fixed defined Target!]]
The player to successfully change the holographic representation receives no more than the privilege to have changed the holographic representation that NWeek. [[The player may also receive any blame that goes with choosing a particular holographic representation. :D]]

The Target is destroyed when it is successfully Hit by any Arena legally defined Weapon.
A destroyed Target evaporates or explodes as appropriate.
A destroyed Target bestows upon the person who caused it to be destroyed one of the following:
[[in keeping with the current probability range until someone finds another reasonably fair way of doing this without making megalomaniacs]] 100 points, 1 Weapon_Exchange, 1 Stat increase or 1 Stat decrease, with equal probability.

Player may trade in eir current Arena Weapon for an Arena Weapon. E must do this within one nweek, or else e loses the chance.
Weapon_Exchange(s) are transferable, but still must be used within the defined period.

-Stat increase:
Player may increase a single one of eir Stats by one. E must do this within one nweek, or else e loses eir chance.

-Stat decrease:
Player decreases a single on of eir Stats by one before e may make a move within the Arena.

If an Avatar is found, and it is declared on the public forum, to have taken a move and e has not decreased a Stat e should have decreased, then the number e should decrease eir Stats by is increased by one. If the number that e should decrease eir Stats by becomes greater than half the Stats that they own then the player to declare it may increase eir Stats by one (before the next checking period). The player who should have decreased eir Stats loses any Arena items and has eir Stats for the Arena reset to New Player.

Remove all comment text ('[[ ... ]]') because it really isn't needed in the rule.

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