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[s-b] [auto] RainbowWolfe submits p2038

RainbowWolfe has submitted a new proposal, p2038.

Proposal 2038/0: Arena Patch 1.0
A Standard Proposal by RainbowWolfe
Last modified on nweek 83, nday 1

Add to the end of r1912, weapons:

Weapons will be listed in a stat denoted 'weapons' or 'W'. If this Stat doesn't currently exist, then it is created.

Free weapons will be denoted by '*' postfixed to eir weapon title. Bought weapons shall have no '*' postfixed.

Add to the relevant notes section of each weapon:
Water Jets are denoted '/~'.

Air Jets are denoted '/O'.

Flame Throwers are denoted '/^'.

Rocks are denoted /x'.


If none of the players in the Arena have bought weapons then a player may declare Hand2Hand combat. If this is declared, and accepted, then all players currently in the Arena lose eir weapons. A player who is NOT in the Arena may not declare hand2hand.

Hand2hand may only be declared if either all players own free water jets or if it was not declared in the last nweek.

Players in hand2hand may have eir Speed Stat increased by 1 IF a player with a weapon could move and then fire upon them. They lose this 1 if either they fail to move and are fired upon, or as soon as they move out of range of the threat.

Any survivors at the end of the nweek may choose an arena legal weapon of eir choice. If a player already has a weapon (having bought one) e may exchange it. Players who are not survivors are those who incarnated in the Arena after hand2hand has begun.

[[Rainbow bows to Wonko for the lesson e has tought. E then takes off eir shoes (assuming e is wearing any) and throws them at Wonko. As this is not a recognised game action it really doesn't matter that at least one of them bounces off eir head!]]

[[The prop is a first draught on the fly, so anything else I've missed that I think of later I'll adjust to account for.]]

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