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[s-b] [auto] Peter submits p2037

Peter has submitted a new proposal, p2037.

Proposal 2037/0: Justice System Reworking like Props
A Standard Proposal by Peter
Last modified on nweek 82, nday 7

[[If people want to shelve this until they've had time to consider all its implications, that's fine with me. I just wanted to start discussion of it a little early. But if people want to pass it as is, that's fine with me too.]]

Change the body of rule 125 to have the following text:
If players disagree about the legality of an action, the interpretation or application of a rule or set of rules, or the current state of the game, any player may invoke the Second Highly Exalted Network for Active Nomic Interpration and General Analysis of Nomic States, or SHENANIGANS. This is done by submitting a Call For Inquiry, or CFI; this is called Calling Shenanigans. A CFI may also be referred to as a CFJ, for antique [[and Roman]] reference.

CFIs are Serializable Game Documents which each consist of a Title, a Plaintiff, a Defendant (optionally), a Plantiff's Argument, a Defendant's Argument (optional), and a Resolution (which is a list of changes to the game state).

To submit a CFI, a player must pay 1BW. The player creates a CFI, specifying the contents of it except for the Plaintiff and the Defendant's Argument. The Plaintiff of a CFI is the player who submitted it.

When a CFI is submitted, a Poll for the CFI is created. Its Eligible Voters are all Players that are not On Leave as of the creation of the Poll and are also not the CFI's Plaintiff or Defendant. Its duration is until the 4th Midnight UTC that occurs after the Poll was created. The Poll is Short-Circuited and Strict. This poll has an additional voting option of Refused. A voter may use the word "True" to mean Yes and the word "False" to mean No.

The Defendant may Submit an Argument between the creation of the CFI and the closing of its Poll. If e does so, that Argument becomes the Defendant's Argument in the CFI.

A voter on a CFI should vote Yes if e believes the Plaintiff's Argument is correct and that the CFI's Resolution is a correct way to resolve the issue. The voter should vote No if e does not believe the Plaintiff's Argument is correct or that the CFI's Resolution is not a correct way to resolve the issue. The voter should vote Refused if the CFI is unclear, nonsensical, or irrelevant to the game, or otherwise should not be judged.

At the conclusion of the CFI's Poll, if there were more Yes votes than the sum of No and Refused votes, then the CFI is said to be ruled In Favor of the Plaintiff. If there were more No votes than the sum of the Yes and Refused votes, the the CFI is said to be ruled Against the Plaintiff. Otherwise, the CFI is said to be ruled Refused. Regardless of the ruling of the CFI, each player who voted something besides Abstain in the CFI receives 5 tildex and 1 Temporary Wisdom.

If the CFI is ruled In Favor of the Plantiff, the list of changes in the Resolution part of the CFI occur.
If the CFI is not ruled Refused, then the Plaintiff gains 1 BW.

Repeal rules 126, 127, and 128.

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