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[s-b] [auto] RainbowWolfe submits p2035

RainbowWolfe has submitted a new proposal, p2035.

Proposal 2035/0: The Knight - alright!
A Standard Proposal by RainbowWolfe
Last modified on nweek 82, nday 6

[before anyone thinks of repealing the Board]

Create in the Book of Piece:


A Knight is denoted with a capital 'K',
His moves they change from day to day.
To begin he moves upon a horse,
Jumping over pieces, untouched of course.

This move it starts upon one square,
In orthagonal lines to move elsewhere.
Forwards two in the chosen direction,
Across by one to make the correction.

If the square it lands contains a piece,
Then it soon begins to cease.
The piece that is, and not the Knight,
After taking its movement, yes, that's right!

The Knight now moves as it were other,
Than the piece that is its brother.
It now moves as did the piece,
That it has recently made to cease.

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