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[s-b] [auto] RainbowWolfe amends p2027

RainbowWolfe has amended p2027.

Proposal 2027/1: Waterspout Clarification V2
A Standard Proposal by RainbowWolfe
Last modified on nweek 81, nday 10

[[A different fix to p2020
Going by what the rules already say...]]


Append to rule 1902 'Gardening 101', section A

If the watering costs of a garden are not covered then the  plant with the largest watering cost (ties settled at random) is destroyed, and this process is repeated until the cost is

[[The same as would happen if a garden became overcrowded. It should make players take more care of what's in their garden as the larger, and probably more useful, plants will die off first.]]

[[having re-defined weeding below, and since only 'watering' is currently being used]]

Change in the following all references of "watering and weeding" to "watering".

In r1902:

"Each type of Plant has a watering cost associated with it. Every Checking Period, every Proprietary Plant requires watering and weeding; any player may water and weed any Proprietary Plant by paying the watering cost of the Plant, provided that the Plant hasn't already been watered and weeded that Checking Period. At the end of each Checking Period, every Proprietary Plant that wasn't watered dies.

If, at the end of a Checking Period, a Garden has more than 10 Plants in it, the one with the largest watering and weeding cost (ties settled at random) is destroyed, and this process is repeated until there are at most 10 Plants in the Garden."

In r1915:

"Waterspouts are Plants. They have a Watering Cost of -8~; that is, the total per-checkpoing watering and weeding costs for a Garden is reduced by 8~ for every Waterspout in that garden. If this results in negative costs, the cost is treated as 0 (so the owner of a Garden containing only Waterspouts does not gain Tildex for it)."

[[and anywhere else I may have missed]]

Apend to the end of r1902

D. Weeding

Players may choose to remove a plant from eir garden for tilde equal to half the watering cost rounded down.
Plants that have no watering cost (or minus watering cost) are considered to have deeper roots and cost tilde equal to the negative watering cost made positive.

If p2020 and p2027 both pass then this proposal repeals itself, unless this proposal passes by a greater majority, in which case p2020 repeals itself. [[I believe points would still be awarded wording it this way]]
If p2027 passes then give Peter half any points rounded down (of course :).

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