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[s-b] Re: Wonko Researches More.

Daniel Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Excellent. I spend all 368 of my Applied Research points, as well as
> two of my 12 General Research points, to get Reincarnation at levels
> 1-5.

A couple issues here...

First, I count a total of 366 Applied Research, and 10 General

Second, r1855 states "If an entity gains a particular Technology, all
Applied Research Points specific to that Technology are destroyed." I
would argue that that means that once you got Reincarnation level 1,
you lost all your Applied Research towards Reincarnation. (And I'm not
just trying to be mean, but that sentence in that rule stopped me from
doing something similar to what you're doing until I have more time
later this week to be more careful in how I do my research.)

So, I'm going to say that you spent 110 points, and currently have
Reincarnation at level 1 and 10 General Research. But I'll give you
some time to argue with me before I update the wiki.

Peter C.
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programs; a process that traditionally requires some debugging."
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