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[s-b] [auto] PlayerPersonman amends p2017

PlayerPersonman has amended p2017.

Proposal 2017/3: King For A Day, V.3
A Standard Proposal by PlayerPersonman
Last modified on nweek 82, nday 2

Create the following rule:

[[Alrighty, thanks for unhistorizing this.
* - old changes (V.2)
** - updated changes (V.3)
**Made only a few resources changeable. Sad, but there's really no other way to ensure abuselessness with completely crippling the power.  
*Removed object-creation power; replaced with illegalization power.
**Defined illegalness - this may be useful for other, non-king-related things as well. Made it P-Specs that you illegalize, not Pieces. 
**Removed CFI-judging power. Sad, cause that was really flavorful and awesome, but even with a Poll to see if the judgment is bad, it's still too easy for the majority to gang up on the  minority. 
**Fixed another spelling or two. 

Notes: About the stats set to zero thing: Your Royal Arena Avatar has a completely separate set of stats from your normal one. They are set equal when the Royal one is created, but they can be modified separately. The Royal stats are only set to zero if you move around too much. The normal stats are decreased by one when your Royal one dies. I don't think there is any contradiction here. 

_King For a Day_

A. State-Based Occurrences
At the beginning of each nweek that is not a Great Leap Forward, 1d15 is rolled. If the result is the number of one of the ndays in the current nweek, that nday gains the attribute Coronation Day.

On Coronation Day, the Avatar of each Player who has made a Claim To The Throne is replaced with an Avatar Token owned by that Avatar's owner. Each Avatar so replaced is placed in a newly created Royal Arena at coordinates equal to the coordinates of its corresponding Avatar Token. When Coronation day ends, if only one Avatar remains in the Royal Arena, the Player who owns that Avatar becomes King until the end of the nday immediately following Coronation Day.

At the end of every nday, any Player who is King recieves 100~, 2TH, and 1TG.

Illegal Cards have the string " *ILLEGAL*" appended to their names and may not be played. 

Illegal P-Specs have the string " *ILLEGAL* appended to their names in the book of Piece, and may not be created or moved. 

Illegal Cubes have the string *!* in their ASCII representation, and may not be entered. Any Avatar in a Cube when that Cube becomes Illegal is randomly placed in an adjacent Cube. 

B. Legal Actions
On any nday prior to Coronation Day, any Player may publicly make a Claim To The Throne.

Any Player whose Avatar is in a Royal Arena may take up to fifteen Turns. If a Player takes fifteen Turns while their Avatar is in a Royal Arena, all of their Stats become 0 until the end of the nday, at which point they return to their former status.

The King may, once per nday, excercise eir Royal Authority. Excercising eir Royal Authority is defined as taking any of the following bulleted actions:

* Permanently incrementing or decrementing any number of Tildex, Points, or Research Points  found in the body of any Rule by up to x + 2, where x is that number modulus 10. 

* Creating an instance of any card and playing it or putting it into eir hand.

* Removing any one Piece from the Board.

* Causing any one Card to be Illegal for the remainder of the nweek, any one P-Spec to be Illegal for the remainder of the nweek, or any one Cube to be Illegal for the remainder of the nweek. 

C. Things
Avatar Tokens are Game Objects. Avatar Tokens may only exist in Cubes in the Arena. Avatar Tokens are denoted by the character T preceded by the ascii representation of it's owner's Avatar. Avatar Tokens cannot be destroyed or otherwise removed from the Arena by any means whatsoever excepting those specified in Part C of this Rule. If a Player would successfully shoot a Jet of Water into a Cube containing an Avatar Token, that Jet is deflected into the Cube from which it was shot. [[Yes, this does mean you can hide behind other people's tokens.]]

A Royal Arena, when created, has all the characteristics of the Arena when it was first created. When an Avatar in a Royal Arena would be destroyed, that Avatar instead replaces the Avatar Token representing it in the Arena and one of its owners Stats is decreased by 1 at the discretion of the Player whose Avatar destroyed it, with the restriction that none of eir Stats may be lowered to 0. A Player whose Avatar destroys another Avatar in a Royal Arena does not get to increase any of eir Stats. No more than one Royal Arena may exist at a time. At the beginning of every nday, all Royal Arenas are destroyed. All Avatars in a Royal Arena when it is destroyed replace the Avatar Tokens representing them in the Arena.


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