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[s-b] [auto] RainbowWolfe submits p2027

RainbowWolfe has submitted a new proposal, p2027.

Proposal 2027/0: Waterspout Clarification V2
A Standard Proposal by RainbowWolfe
Last modified on nweek 81, nday 10

[[A different fix to p2020

Going by what the rules already say...]]

Append to rule 1902 'Gardening 101', section A

If the watering and feeding costs of a garden are not covered then the plant with the largest watering and weeding cost (ties settled at random) is destroyed, and this process is repeated until the cost is covered.

[[The same as would happen if a garden became overcrowded. It should make players take more care of what's in their garden as the larger, and probably more useful, plants will die off first.]]

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