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[s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p2025

Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p2025.

Proposal 2025/0: Thinning the Deck: Hand Jobs
A Standard Proposal by Wonko
Last modified on nweek 81, nday 10

Now that a bunch of players have left, the Deck is suddenly quite full, which means we can afford to remove some of the unused cards. Nobody's ever used the Syn-Ack set, and only once or twice has anyone used the Hand Job Master cards, so I'm propping them out. I'll package this as two props in case people want one or the other set to stay.

Destroy all copies of RPS, Hamhandedness, Smooth Hands, Master Handiwork, Lesser Booty, Greater Booty, Greater Booby, and Handyman.

For each card destroyed in this way that was in a player's hand, deal 1 card to that player from the Deck.


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