Bill Adlam on 29 Feb 2004 15:12:52 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Re: NWEEK 58 BALLOT

I vote as follows:

> Proposal 1799/1: Ending Anarchy (Baron von Skippy)
Oh, go on then.  Yes.

> Proposal 1800/0: Platonism (Teucer)
Yes.  (Even if it is illegal, I can still vote for it.)

> Proposal 1801/0: Opposites of Platonism (Zarpint)
Abstain.  Could be better, but no-one can expect perfection (except

> Proposal 1802/0: Eh, freebie (Wonko)
Eh, yes.

> Proposal 1803/0: Standardized Elections (Wonko)

> Proposal 1804/0: Choice Two (Teucer)
Yes.  Why not?

> Proposal 1805/0: Choice Three (Teucer)
No.  Why?

> Proposal 1806/0: Steel-Toed Kickbacks (The Administrator)
Shelve.  Too powerful.

> Proposal 1807/0: Pseudocoding is not a crime (Zarpint)

> Proposal 1808/0: Support for Wonko: The Prop (Zarpint)

> Proposal 1809/0: Calvinball (Zarpint)
No, Calvinball should be a separate list entirely.

I play Your Spoo Has Too Much Fleem on The Pusher Robot.


P.S. I notice that some of the props don't appear on the web page.

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