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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 58 BALLOT

> Between reissued props that failed, and shelved
> props, and my paranoid
> reactions to some of last nweek, I'm not sure
> there's a single original
> idea on this nweek's ballot.
> dave

Dave, darling, I think that'th tho fact, if
I had to thay thomething about thtyle thith nweek, I'd
have to hold my tongue.  And that'th not even one of
my preferred formth of foreplay.

Tho I think I'll retain the thcarf for the nectht
nweek, and we'll thee what happenth after that.

Meanwhile, I have my duty to perform.  Oh, and Dave,
dear, you really thould have an aliath for thith
mailing litht, for ath long ath the thcarf ecthithtth,
tho that I can thend my voteth and commentary to

That being thaid...

> Proposal 1799/1: Ending Anarchy (Baron von Skippy)

Thith ith probably a good idea, dear Baron, thinthe,
when I think of anarchy, I think of Thomalia...

I vote yeth.

> Proposal 1800/0: Platonism (Teucer)

Teuther, one muthn't be greedy.  Pleathe remember
there are people already up in armth over playerth
able to vote three timeth, and here you want them to
vote four...?  Tithk.

I vote no.

> Proposal 1801/0: Opposites of Platonism (Zarpint)

Dear Zarpint, while I admire your theal, I think you
need to thit down with thith one a little
longer...What, for ecthample, ith a propothal that
forbidth the breaking of a rule?  The ruleth
themthelveth forbid the breaking of ruleth;
propothalth can only make ruleth or try to break them.
 Take a couple pirini and call me in the morning. 
Unleth you want to nudge me.

Though the Carnalian philothophy thounded
interethting.  It almotht maketh me want to take
another thtab at my "Thecth and the Nomic" therieth,
whicth you can find at

I vote thelve.

> Proposal 1802/0: Eh, freebie (Wonko)

Dear boy, how can I pothibly thay no to philanthropy?

I vote yeth.

> Proposal 1803/0: Standardized Elections (Wonko)

But...I jutht don't thee how thith ith any different
from latht nweek'th ballot.  You thimply MUTHT thow
thome effort, darling.

I vote thelve.

> Proposal 1804/0: Choice Two (Teucer)

Thith ith bathed on three-propothal monte, whicth
wathn't very thtylith in ithelf, and whicth failed
anyway, tho no freebie for Teuther.

I vote no.

> Proposal 1805/0: Choice Three (Teucer)

Thee above.  Thilly boy.  You could have done tho
mucth more with thith.

I vote no.

> Proposal 1806/0: Steel-Toed Kickbacks (The
> Administrator)

You brute!  You dominant!  You control freak! Thucth a
blatant attempt to take control, to beat uth into
thubmithion according to your thtandardth of morality!

I love it.

I vote yeth.

> Proposal 1807/0: Pseudocoding is not a crime
> (Zarpint)

Darling, while I think the Adminithtrator thould have
thome control, I think thith ith going a bit too far. 
Thith meanth if you thay anything that'th thuffithient
work for Dave he can thay abtholutely anything
happenth, and call it "interethtingly appropriate." 
My ecthperienth with the game maketh me pothitively
tremble at what Dave might think ith "interethting."

I vote no.

> Proposal 1808/0: Support for Wonko: The Prop
> (Zarpint)

Pleathe.  Don't make me come and thlap you.

I vote no.

> Proposal 1809/0: Calvinball (Zarpint)

Dear boy, if you want a rumputh room, why not jutht go
to Topica or Yahoo Groupth and create one?

I vote no.

Let'th keep it thtylith, dear oneth...or, bathed on
thith nweek, get it that way.

-- Glotmorf

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