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[Spoon-business] NWEEK 57 BALLOT

The following proposals are on the nweek 57 ballot:

Proposal 1771/0: Put that back! (Wonko)
Proposal 1773/0: Platonism (Teucer)
Proposal 1774/0: Opposites of Platonism (Zarpint)
Proposal 1775/0: The Conan Paradox (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1776/1: Eh, freebie (Wonko)
Proposal 1777/0: Political Tafl (Teucer)
Proposal 1778/0: Standardized Elections (Wonko)
Proposal 1779/1: Pseudocoding is not a crime (Zarpint)
Proposal 1780/0: Support for Wonko: The Prop (Zarpint)
Proposal 1782/1: Foo (Wonko)
Proposal 1783/1: Bar (Wonko)
Proposal 1784/1: Baz (Wonko)
Proposal 1785/1: Quux (Wonko)
Proposal 1786/2: Spam (Wonko)
Proposal 1787/0: if you can't beat them, join them (SkArcher)
Proposal 1788/0: Three-Proposal Monte (Teucer)
Proposal 1789/0: Choice One (Teucer)
Proposal 1790/0: Choice Two (Teucer)
Proposal 1791/0: Choice Three (Teucer)
Proposal 1792/1: Laboratories (Zarpint)
Proposal 1793/0: Calvinball (Zarpint)
Proposal 1795/0: Who's Yer Daddy? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1796/0: Crap Proposals (Quote Prop by BvS) (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1797/0: Now with Even Less Suckage than before! (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1798/0: Stopping Wonko (The Pusher Robot)
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