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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Fwd: [Thermo] "Breaking Nomics"

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On Wednesday 30 April 2003 08:38 pm, Baron von Skippy wrote:
> >>For going out of eir way to publicly air eir version of our dirty laundry
> >>rather an exhibit any semblance of solidarity, I disrespect Orc in a
> >>Spacesuit.
> >>
> >>>Bd just informed us of the "breaking and subjugating nomics" message on
> >>>Thermo.  I'd like to clarify one point:
> >>>
> >>>All the stuff about doing bad things to other nomics has been by
> >>> Glotmorf and BvS.
> >
> >Have you or have you not said that we could do things such as mass-join
> >another Nomic?
> -It was not a serious plot, Orc, and it's not an original idea - I refer
> you to the Agora-Risho war, where Agora planned an invasion and even
> created an official militia. Do we all fear Agora? Well, maybe a little,
> but we don't get all pissy at them.-
> >>>As for Glotmorf, wouldn't be the first time he's tried to subjugate a
> >>>Nomic to his will.  We has to live under his thumb for a month or so.
> >
> >Did you or did you not attempt and succeed to take over B Nomic?  Did you
> >or did you not have an extended rule?
> >
> >As for publicly, it's already 'public'.  Everyone on that list has already
> >seen everything.  I was just clarifiying that not everyone in this game
> >shared the sentiments you expressed in your emails.
> >
> >If you have your own 'version' to share, share it.  I didn't go into
> >details.  If you were perhaps simply speculating and never intended to do
> >what you described in your emails, maybe you should say as much.
> -For not taking a damn hint and for /continuing/ to undermine B Nomic
> solidarity in the face of attacks against this game and its players (I said
> players. They don't like anyone but Wonko), I disrespect Orc in a
> Spacesuit.-

For unbridled hostility against Orc in a Spacesuit, I kick Baron von Skippy in 
the ass.

For, well, unbridled hostility against Nomicron, I Disrespect Baron von 
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                -- anagrama
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