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[Spoon-business] Ministry stuffs

I am so sorry this is so late. I forgot to do it before I left town for a weekend, and... yeah. It's here, though.

Okay, first, Gnomes:
Baron von Skippy gets a Grape Gnome.
bd gets a Grape Gnome.
Glotmorf gets an Herb Gnome.
Orc in a Spacesuit gets a Bomb Gnome.
The Voice gets a Bomb Gnome.
Wonko gets a PGGB Gnome.

BvS, Glotmorf, and Orc bag their Gnomes.

Invoice for the last nweek:
6 creations
3 baggings
9 points

Onward, friends, to Econ!

Name                   Gets     Has
Anything McGee          300     2600
Baron von Skippy        445     3713
bd                      260     2828
Bridgeweaver            300     1730
Glotmorf                368     3332
Iain                    313     3294
Orc In a Spacesuit      400      855
Rob                     300     3130
sam nichols             300      800
The Voice               300     2340
Wonko                   388     3176

WBE gives 55 BNS to Glotmorf and 11 to Wonko.

Okay, and finally...

Nomicron. Pfft.

I can't decide what to do about Nomicron, but I will have to think about it. This came at a time when everything that could be happening to make my life more interesting is happening, so I'm a little To that end, I will be taking a couple of days off. Not going on leave - even if I don't win, I'd like to see that Nomvivor pot not drop to 10 points. So, if you have anything which you feel I /must/ see, send it to my alternate address at a_skywalker@xxxxxxxxxxx . Otherwise, I'll be back in a couple/few days. Okay, bye now.


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