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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Sunday night)

New players:
"sam nichols" (I'm assuming this is eir Nomic name unless/until directed
otherwise) joins. (I mis-interpreted the rule regarding Nomic names, so
I'm just adding em to the Roster with that name.)

Grid and other random stuff:

BvS's big Grid stuff:
The Crazy Squid is dead, long live Crazy Squid II.  Barney is removed from
the Grid for a while. Yay. The IID is fired up (uhoh) and BvS, though
surviving the trip, becomes a remarkably cute penguin (which is identical
to being a Toad in all but name).

Total costs: 60 points to vSOI, 30 points to the gods of planar geometry.

BvS' attempt to purchase whichever Grid square it was e tried to purchase
fails: The price is 500, not 300, BNS, and is payable to me, not the Bank.

The success/failure of the monolith creation attempt will be known at the
end of the nweek. (This still proceeds, whether or not BvS owns the Square
in question.)

BvS drinks 4 beers (which, ironically, I don't think have a BAC penalty
associated with them), and two Tea (+3 Style points). E can't recycle the
Beer Cans, as beer created from Beer Gnomes doesn't leave cans behind (per
the Gnomes rule).

Wonko has the Pink Scarf taken from em and given to Glotmorf.

Rob kicks Glotmorf in the Ass.

Happy New Nyear:
Wonko claims a free Beer (happy new nYear).
Glotmorf claims a free PJP (you brave soul).


(Glotmorf's TWO disrespect props didn't have titles or delimiters or
anything like that, so I just kinda make titles up based on context in the
relevant emails.)

"Don't try to do these things yourself" is p1473/0.
"Goddammit." is p1474/0.
"Societies get charters" is p1475/0.
"Daddy's gotta take your keys away now..." is p1476/0.
"Free Trade v1.0" is p1477/0.
"Breaking Nomics" is p1478/0.

CFIs (all assignments were random):
The "Wonko didn't win" CFI is assigned to Glotmorf. (1479/0)
The "Glotmorf didn't win" CFI is assigned to sam nichols. (1480/0)
The "Orc didn't win" CFI is assigned to bd. (1481/0)

I choose not to recognize anyone's actions related to alleged charter
exploits. Each of them explicitly or implicitly breaks one or more rules
in the attempt, and I expect the CFIs to stand with me on this. (Even if
I'm wrong, this is one of those cases where it's better just to agree with
me. :-)

The Wobbly Duck and Wand of GR! effort is blocked by "Thou Shalt Not Screw
With Time."  Nice try, though. If we had Gold Stars, you'd get one.

Wonko recognizes a SOE (1).
Glotmorf recognizes (2).
bd recognized (3).
BvS recognized (4).

I believe the current SOE Threshold is 6 players. Just so you know.

The Clock is updated to reflect the Writ of Delay.


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