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[Spoon-business] Nobody Wins: a play in three CFIs

I make three CFIs:

Statement: Wonko did not just win the game.

Analysis: Wonko set himself to be his society's Charter. This is a
change to the gamestate that is not allowed by any rule, and players may
not change the gamestate unless some rule specifically contradicts that

Statement: Glotmorf did not just win the game.

Analysis: Glotmorf tries to get his charter to give him charm. There is
nothing which indicates that Charters are capable of performing actions.
They're just bodies of text.

Statement: Orc in a Spacesuit did not just win the game.

Analysis: Orc attempted to modify his Charter to be a rule. This is a
change to the gamestate. By the Default Case, "Players may not change the
gamestate." The Default Case would defer to another rule if there were a
rule to conflict with it, but none does.

Also, by Rule 18: "Changing the Rules is permitted only as explicitly or
implicitly described by a Rule." Orc claims that the Societies rule
implicitly lets him change the rules, but I see nothing in its text that
could be interpreted in that way.

Rob Speer

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