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Re: [Spoon-business] Uh... Crap...

On 4/23/03 at 11:10 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>Take a look at the current Society rule.
>Notice Section I in particular. Look at the previous version of it;
>that is, prior to Orc's "fix".
>Notice the thing that is in the previous version, but not in Orc's
>"better" version.
>See what's not there?
>It's Charters! That's right, a majority of players (Anything McGee,
>Baron von Skippy, bd, Orc In a Spacesuit) have voted to DO AWAY WITH
>So, the following organizations have just been effectively neutered
>(they have names, members, and any points/RUs/BNS they had, but can do
>nothing with them):
>Athena's Society
>The Upper House (this last is actually a good thing - the charter
>defined for it clashes with the rule-defined behavior it has)
>Way to scrap the subgame club before we could even start.
>I propose:
>__Don't try to do these things yourself__
>Undo all changes made to r578 as a result of p1452.


For once again preventing the essential intended functionality of both WBE (which now can't pay its employees) and M-Tek (which now can't make proposals) in the course of eir continuing efforts to screw with societies, I disrespect Orc in a Spacesuit.

(On the upside, I won't owe Wonko five points this nweek.)

			Member (if not the administrator) of WBE and M-Tek
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