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Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 39 BALLOT

The Prez of M-Tek presents the M-Tek Position on the nweek 39 ballot:

>Proposal 1436/1: Recycling insta-rules (bd)

Shelve.  Replace "destroyed, except when it is repealed" in the first line with "recycled" and it'll work for now.  Or something more comprehensive.

>Proposal 1437/0: Fixing a flaw in the fatal flaw fixer (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  This doesn't fix anything.  I think what you're trying for is, "The author of a current proposal may declare that proposal to be 'fatally flawed'."

>Proposal 1439/0: Who were you, again? (bd)

No.  No change since last nweek.

>Proposal 1441/0: Hey, another fix! (Wonko)

No.  No change since last nweek.

>Proposal 1442/0: The rule which is also an object (bd)

No.  No change from last nweek.

>Proposal 1443/0: The Return of Pooker (Orc In a Spacesuit)

No.  No change from last nweek.

>Proposal 1444/1: The Grid: Not Just For Football Anymore (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  WBE needs the RUs.

>Proposal 1445/0: Voting Revamp (The Voice)

No.  No change from last nweek.

>Proposal 1446/0: Unlikely Icecapades (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Abstain.  I still think the use of "possessed" is obscure, but that doesn't bother me enough to vote against it.

>Proposal 1448/0: Leveling The Playing Fields (The Administrator)


>Proposal 1449/1: Forfeiture: New and Improved! (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Yes, though the dead are gonna stack up after a while.  But I suppose no one wants another Impersonation Scam.

>Proposal 1450/0: Stop orc slurring, for a price (bd)

No.  Situation resolved.  Though perhaps the slurring rule could use a tweak.

>Proposal 1451/0: Tweaking Justice (Orc In a Spacesuit)

No.  No change from last nweek.  Even if the last change, which I thought was unnecessary last nweek, is in fact necessary, it needs work.  I could see someone arguing that if the appellates have issued no judgement, then the most recently issued judgment is no judgement, a majority of the appellates agree with it, and therefore the Upper House issues no judgement.

>Proposal 1452/1: You gotta do things yourself (Orc In a Spacesuit)

No.  I want to have a society where someone can join if e agrees e'll do certain things.  I want it possible for someone to commit to something, especially in cases, such as M-Tek, where I'm committed to do something for em.  I want to count on em before the fact, not get pissed at em and fire em after the fact.

I've done everything I can to make societies not "victimize" their members.  Kindly stop trying to castrate them.

And I think it was cheap to include that in a shelved prop when it failed outright on its own.

>Proposal 1453/0: Ambassadors Mark II (Baron von Skippy)

Shelve.  Throw in vote-of-no-confidence provisions, and/or something that ties the points a minister of foreign affairs gets to eir obligation to submit a report.

>Proposal 1454/0: Flipping the circuit breaker (bd)


>Proposal 1455/0: Radar jammers (bd)

Shelve.  I think the "Then" in the first change should be a "When".  It kinda makes a difference.

>Proposal 1456/0: Hey, a little rain won't kill ya... (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 1457/0: Carryable Objects and Mass (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  Do we really need this?

>Proposal 1458/0: Cleanup I: Mischeviousness, Siren Bait, High Priestess

Part 1: Yes.
Part 2: No.  Siren bait has strategic usefulness, especially if there are more rocks.
Part 3: Yes.

>Proposal 1459/0: Cleanup II: The Casino, Bondage, Engravings (Wonko)

Part 1: Yes.
Part 2: No.  As few proposals as I've been making these ndays, I might actually use this.
Part 3: Abstain.

>Proposal 1460/0: Cleanup III: Football (Wonko)

Yes.  At the very least it should be moved to another grid.  I don't think football is compatible with armies and cans of whoopass.

>Proposal 1461/0: Cleanup IV: Death (Wonko)


>Proposal 1462/0: Cleanup V: Shears and Swabs (Wonko)

Hmm.  No.

>Proposal 1463/0: I Get It from my Dad (M-Tek)


>Proposal 1464/0: We Got Class Now! (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 1465/0: The Big Ol' Book of Quotes (Baron von Skippy)



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