Rob Speer on 21 Apr 2003 17:25:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] This is me trying to make sense of the game

I vote YES to all proposals on the ballot with "Cleanup" in their names.
I vote NO to 1464/0.
I ABSTAIN on every other proposal.

[[1464/0: Good idea, but still flawed. How can you ever run an
instance's "Create" method, considering that either it doesn't exist and
therefore has no such thing, or already exists so creating it is
unnecessary?  Plus, it's using an OO rule that has these flaws:

* Letting 2GOs (instances) inherit from 2GCs (classes), which makes no
* Distinguishing "methods that can be performed 'on' an object" from any
  other properties or abilities it may have. This is unnecessary.
* Not being OO itself

Finally, you're calling the base class "Base". So anything at all that's
object-oriented can be referred to as "a Base". That's hardly intuitive,
and I can think of lots of other more specific things which may want to
be called "a Base".

I was going to propose my alternative OO system this nweek, but I
forgot. Next nweek, then.]]

Rob Speer

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