David E. Smith on 21 Apr 2003 00:31:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Why exploit the clock?

First, I propose (for next nweek):

{{__My Clock Is Always Off By A Few Minutes...__

Replace the text of Rule 15, Section C, with the following:

C. The Ballot
At the start of the 8th nday of each nweek, the Clock turns Off. The Clock
remains Off until a Ballot is publicly issued by The Administrator to a
Public Forum, at which time the Clock turns On. The Administrator is
explicitly permitted to adjust the Clock at this time to ensure that all
Players have at least 72 hours to consider and vote upon the proposals on
the Ballot.

The Ballot shall list all items for which votes can be cast; by default,
this consists of proposals legally recognized between the start of the
previous nweek's voting period and the start of the current nweek's voting
period. If, however, by the current rules, a Proposal is illegal, or
contains an action which is illegal, it shall not be on the Ballot.

At the time the Ballot is distributed, all proposals on that Ballot, and
the identities of their authors, must be displayed for public review. This
display shall remain available for public review for the remainder of the
Voting Period.

[[ Most of the above is just copied from the existing text. The intent
here should be obvious: to ensure that everyone gets three real days to
properly consider and vote upon stuff. If the wording of the first
paragraph seems ambiguous, lemme know. ]]


Second, I recognize the above is p1466/0 (for nweek 40).

Third, I issue a one-day Writ of Delay, to ensure everyone gets 72 hours
or so.

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