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[Spoon-business] We do need a quote book... what shall we do about that?

Hey, it's a proposal!

__The Big Ol' Book of Quotes__

Add a subsection to Rule 625.C:

C.10 Ministry of Quotes

There exists a Ministry of Quotes.
There exists an entity known as the Big Ol' Book of Quotes.

The Minister of Quotes, or Quotekeeper, is responsible for updating the Big Ol' Book of Quotes in accordance with the rules defining that entity.

Each nweek, the Minister of Quotes shall be paid two points per quote added to the Big Ol' Book of Quotes.

Add a section to Rule 19:

A. Special Proposal types

A.1. Quotation Proposals
In addition to the five normal [[rule change, etc.]] proposals a player may make each nweek, each player may also make one Quotation proposal, in which they propose to add a memorable quote said by a B Nomic player over a B Nomic forum to the Big Ol' Book of Quotes. When a Quotation proposal passes, the player who proposed it gets 3 points, the player who said the quote gets 2d5 points, and the quote is added, along with the name of the player who said it, to the Big Ol' Book of Quotes. A player may not propose to add something they said to the Big Ol' Book of Quotes.


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