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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday evening)

The Web site's Clock is updated. It's nday 7 right now, IIRC.

Wild West Justice:
Baron von Skippy rules TRUE on CFI 1438.
Orc appeals CFI 1438.
The following are eligible to rule on that CFI, via the Upper House:
Anything McGee, Baron von Skippy, bd, Glotmorf, Iain, Rob, Wonko
Those seven players have to arrive at a majority decision, or else I do it.

"Ambassadors Mark II" is p1453/0.
"Forfeiture: New And Improved!" is p1449/1.
"You gotta do things yourself" is p1452/1.
"Flipping the circuit breaker" is p1454/0.
"Radar jammers" is p1455/0.
"Hey, a little rain won't kill ya..." is p1456/0.
"The Grid: Not Just for Football Anymore" is p1444/1.
"Carryable Objects and Mass" is p1457/0.

General elections:
Orc is nominated for Grid Minister.
Baron von Skippy is nominated for Ambassador.
The above are the only nominees for these posts (aside from myself).
I vote for Orc for Grid Minister, and Baron von Skippy for Ambassador,
thus ensuring they'll win. :-)

The new INH Charter takes effect. I'll add it to the Web site as soon as I
find it again.

BvS gets 11 points (Gnome Ministry paycheck).

Iain is ousted from M-Tek.

Glotmorf stages a takeover of Athena's Society by changing eir name to
Athena, rewriting its charter, then (the next nday) waiting for eir
updated Automation Script to change eir name back to Glotmorf.

Glotmorf flies eir Speeder with TECHNOLOGY~! (um, the Remote)

todo: update the weather, move curt and rod
(I'll get to 'em on the morrow, hopefully)

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