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[Spoon-business] MoG and Econ recognizers

I knew I had forgotten something when I left... I forgot to recognize stuff for the last nweek. Figures. Sorry this is so late.

Ministry of Gnomes:
BvS gets and bags an Herb Gnome.
bd gets a Russian Gnome.
Glotmorf gets and bags a Scottish Gnome.
Orc gets and bags a Potato Gnome.
The Voice gets a Coffee Gnome.
Wonko gets a Basic Gnome.

All of the above are recognized.

Last nweek's invoice:
8 creations
3 baggings
11 points

Ministry of Economic Affairs:
Player                BNS:
                     Gets   Now has
Anything McGee        300    2300
Baron von Skippy      415    3268
bd                    280    2568
Bridgeweaver          300    1430
Glotmorf              343    2909
Iain                  313    2981
Orc in a Spacesuit    360     455
Rob                   300    2830
The Voice             300    2040
Wonko                 323    2777

WBE gives 55 BNS to Glotmorf and 11 BNS to Wonko.


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