David E. Smith on 8 Apr 2003 05:54:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Clock is OFF

I thought I'd have time to finish up everything tonight, but, well, I was

I've tabulated all the votes (and finally added to the vote counting
software a feature to "force" certain props to pass/fail/shelve, so I
don't have to go back and adjust all the dependent numbers manually --
that part took like half an hour because the vote counting software is
monstrous, since it has to handle all these special cases correctly, plus
tabulate points, vote counts, and I think I still have the code for Boring
props in there somewhere).

I've added the new rules and props to the database. (If you're in that
much of a hurry, you can look up 'nweek 39' on the historical docs pages.
About ten props were shelved this nweek.)

Things aren't yet posted to the "real" rules and props pages, the Roster
isn't updated, and in general the clock is still Off. I'll try to get
these things taken care of later today (I'd say tomorrow, but it's 1 a.m.


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