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[Spoon-business] Hey, I can still do stuff

No more slurring!

I've moved my speeder but 2 squares, so I send it to (9,6), then (8,7), picking up any carryable objects I may find on my way. I not my proximity to Barney, and send it down to (7,6), again picking up what I may find.

I've also noticed something: If someone says "Fatal Flaw" on one of eir props, e can't vote on it. Since this person has acknowledged the flaw, and if it prop passes it automatically gets shelved, I think the person should be able to vote "shelve" or even "no" or whatever on eir own prop. Therefore, I propose the following:
{{__Fixing a flaw in the fatal flaw fixer__
In Rule 15.E.5, replace the first sentence with "The author of a proposal may declare any number of eir current proposals to be "fatally flawed".}}

That makes 6 proposals for this nweek. I thank The Bandwidth Gremlin for making this possible.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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