David E. Smith on 5 Apr 2003 20:54:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] CFI 1411 ruling

(This isn't being posted to the Web site yet, but it's all official and
stuff now.)

Within B Nomic, "Public Forum" has a specific meaning, and there is only
one of them. Obviously, votes sent to spoon-business (the only existing
Public Forum at this time) shall be counted.

Votes sent to my private email address again should be counted, per the
rules. No problem.

However, votes sent to spoon-discuss, well, that's a crap shoot. I
frequently skim through my "Nomic" mail folder, which collects both lists,
only looking for mail with "-business" in the To: address. Mail sent to
-discuss may be read, or maybe not. Depends mostly on how much free time I
have that day. (For instance, today, it's very little, because I'm writing
up a CFI ruling...)

The letter of the rules says this CFI should be TRUE. More importantly,
it's far easier for me if the CFI is TRUE.

However, I'm going to invoke that legendary "spirit of the game" and "game
custom" and all that other claptrap and declare this CFI to be FALSE.

That being said, I'd prefer it if players refrained from sending votes to
spoon-discuss, or any other mailing lists that may exist. If your votes to
-discuss aren't counted, I cannot, per the letter of the rules, be held

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