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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 38 BALLOT

The Prez of M-Tek issues the M-Tek Position:

>Proposal 1400/0: Me too! (bd)

Abstain.  I think it's a joke that'll get old and meaningless after a while.  But then, so did the sushi, and it was far more traumatic...

>Proposal 1402/0: Drinking Problem (M-Tek)


>Proposal 1403/0: Who were you, again? (bd)

Abstain.  Seems a bit harsh, even though I know where bd's coming from on this one.  Especially with newbies, it can be difficult remembering which player-entity matches which email-address-entity.  But all members of M-Tek tend to sign their correspondence.

>Proposal 1404/3: Rescinding props (bd)

Yes.  Though, Mr. A., I believe "tread" is a typo, and that what was meant was "treated".

>Proposal 1405/0: Chug! Chug! Chug! Thud! (Baron von Skippy)


>Proposal 1406/1: Pass me, I don't do anything (bd)

No.  This proposal would nevertheless give Charm, which at the moment is still a win condition.

>Proposal 1407/1: From some other beginning's end (Orc In a Spacesuit)

No.  Excessively harsh, and somehow feels fragile.

>Proposal 1408/0: Why doesn't someone just fix the darn thing? (Wonko)

No.  This would allow for Tea Scams instead of Tequila Scams.  With no hangover or high BAC.

>Proposal 1409/0: Hey, another fix! (Wonko)

Shelve.  This defeats the purpose of a gnome bag.  Better to do away with a gnome bag altogether.

>Proposal 1410/0: While we're at it... (Wonko)


>Proposal 1412/1: No more laggy moves (Orc In a Spacesuit)


>Proposal 1413/0: Another one for the Wall of Titles (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  Though I'd've preferred this be unauthored.

>Proposal 1414/0: The rule which is also an object (bd)

Abstain.  My thought is that we don't need additional useless unrecyclable grid objects, but I gathered bd wanted to do this to experiment with.

>Proposal 1415/0: Alcohol Fix (The Administrator)

No.  Beverages can exist independent of the grid.

>Proposal 1416/0: The Return of Pooker (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  I'd like to see a counterproposal, or a RL proposal on how to automate it.

>Proposal 1417/1: E=MC^2 (bd)

Yes.  I still think this is equivalent to free whoopass, but it could be the strategic thinking game Gremball never was...

>Proposal 1418/0: The Grid: Not Just For Football Anymore (Baron von Skippy)

Shelve.  Per the Baron's request.

>Proposal 1419/0: Unanimous Yes (Sheeba)

No.  The wording is too obscure, and there's now no way to fix it.  The original idea's interesting, though.

>Proposal 1420/0: Voting Revamp (The Voice)

Shelve.  The "x" vs. "x-1" thang needs to be worked out.

>Proposal 1421/0: Olive Harvesting (Sheeba)

Yes, if only because of p1429.

>Proposal 1422/3: Unlikely Icecapades (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  I think the use of the word "possessed" in this proposal is meaningless or redundant, as there doesn't appear to be a definition in the rules for it except as implied: "among the items one is carrying".  Did the proposer perhaps mean "owned"?

>Proposal 1423/1: And The World *WILL* LIve As One (Wonko)

No.  8 free points for buying a pinball gun and firing it at the nearest player.  This needs some/more balance.

>Proposal 1424/0: We Ain't Got No Class... Yet (Glotmorf)

Yes.  I think it's workable as a starting system.

>Proposal 1425/0: Leveling The Playing Fields (The Administrator)

No.  Primarily for filling in the mined grid squares.  I've spoken with Iain, and will be ousting em from M-Tek next nweek.

>Proposal 1426/1: Recycling Recycling Centers (M-Tek)


>Proposal 1427/0: Forfeiture: New and Improved! (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  I think this is a bit excessive for what it does, but mostly I'm still waiting for clarification on whether ceasing to be a former player might result in any stat restoration.

>Proposal 1428/0: I'm Not Too Old to Work! (M-Tek)


>Proposal 1429/0: Re-tilling Olive Harvesting (M-Tek)


>Proposal 1430/0: Stop orc slurring, for a price (bd)

No.  I understand Mr. in a Spacesuit isn't planning to vote Yes on it.  Besides, I'd rather see the slurring rule tightened.

>Proposal 1431/2: If It IS Broke, Fix It! (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 1432/1: Ehem, no, I think I'd like to just stay here (Orc In a


>Proposal 1433/0: Tweaking Justice (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Shelve.  I think the last change is unnecessary.  The first change is interesting.  The second change makes me think we should swap in alternate Upper House members should an appellate judge quit or go on leave in the middle of a judgment.

>Proposal 1434/0: You gotta do things yourself (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Item 1: No.  This won't stop the phenomenon you're trying to stop; it'll just make it more work for everyone involved.

Item 2: Shelve.  Take out the "proxy" stuff.  That has genuine value, especially if you're touting automation scripts as an alternative to society membership requirements.

Item 3: No.  With privilege comes responsibility.  This takes away any requirement that a member of society obey its rules or be responsible for anything.

>Proposal 1435/0: Now that's winning charm! (Orc In a Spacesuit)



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