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[Spoon-business] INH Charter

Okay, here we go again:

I attempt to alter the INH charter as follows:

The name of this society is Insert Name Here. Insert Name Here may also be
referred to as INH.

INH automatically Accepts any Player that Applies to it provided that the
Player pays to INH either 15 points or 100 BNS.

One and only one Member of INH has the Position "Leader". All Members
that do not have the Position Leader have the Position "Acolyte". One and
only one Acolyte may also have the Position "Favored". If there is no
Leader, but there is a Favored Acolyte, the Favored Acolyte becomes the Leader and is no longer Favored (or an Acolyte); if there is no Favored Acolyte, the Acolyte
who has been an Acolyte the longest becomes the Leader.

The Leader may make any Acolyte the Favored Acolyte at any time; doing so relieves the previously Favored Acolyte, if there is one, of the 'Favored' status.

If there are at least four Acolytes, and a majority of them vote to Oust
the Leader, then the Leader is Ousted. [[E may then rejoin, but e ceases to be the Leader and will never again be the oldest Acolyte unless everyone who ousted em leaves at some point.]] A majority of Acolytes and the Leader, or
2/3 of all Acolytes, may, at any time, vote to Oust another Acolyte.

This Charter may be changed at any time by either the Leader and at least 2/5 of all acolytes (if there are any), or a 4/5 majority of all acolytes (if
there are any), or the Leader emself (iff there are no acolytes).

INH may host Subgames.
Subgames are defined by their Statutes, which consists of the following:
An entry fee of the subgame
A set of rules for that subgame (if any)
A set of Ending Conditions

The entry fee of the subgame must be in points, BNS, or a combination of the two. Any member of INH who is not currently a Contestant in the subgame may
become one by paying to INH the entry fee of that subgame; if e was a
Contestant in a past subgame, e need only pay 2/3 of the current subgame's
entry fee to do this.

The rules of the subgame should be obeyed by all entrants of the subgame
(called Contestants); if a Contestant violates one of these rules, e ceases
to be both a Contestant and a member of INH.

The Ending Conditions dictate when the subgame ends; they may also specify a manner in which Points and BNS owned by INH may be distributed as a result
of the ending. [[i.e., rewarding people for victory, etc.]]

When a subgame ends, all Contestants cease to be contestants, and INH ceases
to host that subgame.

If a Subgame requires that certain attributes be tracked and displayed for public review, and said attributes are not tracked and displayed for public review by a non-Subgame agency, then the Subgame's Statutes must establish a feasible some system for the tracking and displaying of said attributes.

INH begins hosting a new Subgame if and when a majority of all Acolytes and the Leader agree that it does.

The Leader is responsible for maintaining a list of any and all Subgames INH is currently hosting, and all of their Statutes.


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